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Published on: July 30, 2020

Although this year’s Tropical Smoothie Cafe Summer Celebration—an annual event to honor outstanding Franchise Owners and their teams—took place virtually, the enthusiasm and pride that drives this passion-powered franchise was unmistakably real.

A Gathering Spot In Uncertain Times

Pete Ward, General Counsel for Tropical Smoothie Cafe, hosted the event. He praised the Tropical Smoothie Cafe family for their non-stop momentum and community spirit in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic—a spirit that has cemented Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s reputation as one of the best franchises to own. He praised the attendees, saying, “We are an integral part of communities all over this country. People plan their days around visits to our cafes… our cafe is their escape.” The evening featured powerful video stories submitted by team members across the country that highlighted unique stories of Tropical Smoothie Cafe Franchise Owners and their teams.

Moving Up In The Franchise Business

In one inspirational video, Sevyn Pierce of Troy, OH, described his journey from line worker to general manager. From his first day on the job as a line worker, he felt a sense of accomplishment that motivated him to aim higher. Mentored by his boss, he soon became a shift manager, and now “I’m really excited,” he said, “because I’m finally going to get to move up to be a general manager.” Sevyn’s story is a great example of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe ALL IN attitude.

Beach with palm trees with Tropical Smoothie Cafe logo and 2019 Award Recipients

And The Winners Are….

Tropical Smoothie Cafe‘s Summer Celebration is a chance to put the spotlight on the heart and soul of Tropical Smoothie Cafe: the owners. These are the people who make their individual restaurants stand out with great food, friendly service and an authentic sense of fun. Tropical Smoothie Cafe leadership understands just how important the role Franchise Owners play in driving success; that’s why they created Tropical Smoothie Cafe awards. The 2019 winners include:

Franchisee of the Year – Multi-Unit: BJ Crist, Louisiana

Franchisee of the Year – Single-Unit: Steve Lippman, Michigan

Manager of the Year: Zelia Miller, Georgia

Multi-Unit Manager of the Year: Brette Winder, Utah

Rookie of the Year: Steve & Peggy Johns, Texas

Run Great Cafes: Dan Beaulieu, Florida

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Construction Award: Bill Munson

Tropical Smoothie Cafe IT Award: Glen Johnson, Arkansas

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Marketing Award: Toya Evans, Maryland

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Ops Award: Mike Haines, Georgia

Smoothie Contest: Fred Rodriguez, New York

Smoothie Contest: Shannon Bergquist, Michigan

Smoothie Contest: Danielle Webster, Nevada

Build the Brand: DYNE Hospitality Group

Developer of the Year: Hani Hallhoun

Difference Maker: Rylan & Jennifer Miller

Emerging Leader: Meghan Cook

Onward, Upward And ALL IN.

It’s dedicated Franchise Owners and team members who help Tropical Smoothie Cafe keep the momentum going strong. Tropical Smoothie Cafe CEO Charles Watson closed the evening by rallying the troops. “There’s no way we could have predicted what was to come this year,’ he said, “but we are positioned to finish stronger than we ever have before. I am certain that if we continue to push as hard as we have these past few months, we will have even bigger wins to celebrate in 2021.” In the meantime, big congratulations to this year’s winners!

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