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Published on: October 18, 2019

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, LLC, the franchisor of the rapidly expanding national fast-casual cafe concept inspiring healthier lifestyles, announced it has welcomed two new C-suite members to its team: Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Montini, and Chief Information and Digital Officer, Michael Lapid.

“Mark and Michael both bring immense brand and leadership experience, sophisticated technical expertise and a tremendous passion for the Tropical Smoothie Cafe mission. While their career paths are very different, they both have a similar style of solving problems, relying heavily on their ability to make data-driven decisions, which is ultimately in line with how we lead,” said Charles Watson, CEO, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, LLC. “Like our franchisees, Mark brings strong entrepreneurial experience to our organization and will lead brand, marketing, product and digital innovations, all core functions of delivering a remarkable guest experience. As our Chief Information and Digital Officer, Michael brings 20 years of foundational IT skills and core functions of digital knowledge critical to shaping our journey to reach guests via innovative technologies.”

“I’m confident Mark and Michael are the right people to support us as we continue our rapid growth,” said Watson. “I am thrilled to be strengthening our leadership team with two outstanding, talented new members who understand that we are in the business of serving franchisees, who then serve our guests.”


About Mark Montini, Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Montini

 With more than 20 years of leadership experience, Montini joins Tropical Smoothie Cafe from Floor Coverings International where he drove brand transformations and leadership in service-based franchising. Early in his career, Montini developed technology-driven marketing strategies for international organizations focused on increasing revenue through local-level marketing and sales. As the new Chief Marketing Officer of Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Montini will lead the company’s vision to drive process change and accelerate business performance.


About Michael Lapid, Chief Information and Digital Officer

Michael Lapid

Previously with Papa John’s International as the Vice President, Global Digital Technology, Lapid is a seasoned technology executive with vast engineering expertise, leadership skills and a deep understanding of consumer technology. At the start of his career, Lapid’s ambitious spirit led him to develop a point of sale system, Hot Sauce. Lapid’s entrepreneurial and corporate mindset will be instrumental as he guides Tropical Smoothie Cafe through technology innovation and thought leadership.

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